Why Your Dentist is Essential for Teeth Whitening Treatment

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why your dentist is essential for teeth whitening treatment

In the recent years, thousands of teeth whitening products have hit the shelves in our local stores and pharmacies. Perhaps, you have even purchased a whitening product from the drugstore but been less than impressed by the results. Such are some of the disappointing stories that we hear in our dental clinic every day. Notably, a recent consumer survey indicated that an average consumer spends about $200 to $300 each year on over-the-counter teeth whitening products. However, they still are unhappy with the whiteness of teeth obtained.

Without a doubt, whitening results depend on a variety of factors, including whether it is done at home or by a professional. In-office whitening has shown to be the safest and most predictable way to get your teeth whitened. Below are some of the justifications why you should seek treatment from a professional if you are thinking of whitening stained teeth.

There are Fewer Risks

Based on reports by some patients, the teeth whitening procedure is rarely a comfortable experience. A majority of patients who undergo teeth whitening develop tooth sensitivity and discomfort. In some cases, most individuals who choose DIY solutions as opposed to visiting a dentist report gum tissue irritation. The tooth enamel may also experience some damage. That is caused by contact of the gums with the whitening agent, usually comprised of chemicals. Nevertheless, when you undergo professional teeth whitening in Red Deer, the dentist will cover your gums to protect them from contact with whitening agents. Remarkably, this approach prevents over-bleaching and reduces discomfort during and after the procedure.

Proven Lasting Results

Most over-the-counter whiteners acquired for DIY whitening at home may take a while to work. Besides, the results do not last for very long. This short-lived result is because of the weakness of the whitening solution. When you seek professional whitening services from a dentist, the initial treatments eliminate all the stains on your teeth. Once your teeth are an ideal shade, the dentist will give you maintenance kits to ensure that your teeth remain glistening for a longer period.

You Gain Patient Education

It is prudent to whiten your teeth using professional recommendations. Even though a white smile is a common goal, the path to whitening teeth is not a universal one. Your dentist may help you in determining the causes of your tooth discolouration and create a customized whitening plan. Additionally, your dentist will educate you on available and viable alternatives to whitening if your desired shade is not achievable with traditional whitening.

You Get Personalized Treatment

When using a DIY whitening solution, the kit instructions may not accommodate any special concerns that your teeth may have. You will not be able to identify potential problems with the kit yourself. That is why it is advisable to seek professional help by visiting a dental office in Red Deer. Ordinarily, office whitening allows you to discuss your oral health goals with a professional who will, in turn, help you achieve them. With a dentist, your treatment is tailored to address your wants, needs, problem areas, and other prevailing individual concerns.

You Achieve Thorough Whitening

Most whitening treatments bought at the drugstore typically come in one similar size and concentration to fit all types of teeth. However, every patient has special needs when it comes to dental health. The whitening trays and strips you may obtain at your local drugstore may provide quality results on one patient while providing another with only a partial whitening effect. That is different from professional whitening, which ensures that your teeth regain their natural glow.

Indisputably, professional solutions used by dentists in teeth whitening are stronger than those in over-the-counter kits are. Therefore, do not hesitate to visit us at Saby Dental for teeth whitening near you.

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