Missing teeth? A dental bridge could help you recover your smile


There are several reasons why people end up with missing teeth. The most common cause of tooth loss is periodontal (gum) disease. Other causes may include dental caries (cavities), and trauma.

Regardless of the cause, replacing missing teeth is an important consideration to restore your appearance and oral health.

Missing teeth can cause a number of problems including:

  • Appearance issues
  • Potential bite and jaw joint problems as teeth shift to fill the space
  • The “sunken face” look associated with missing teeth
  • Inability to chew effectively

If you are missing just one or a few teeth, a dental bridge can be an effective tooth replacement treatment.

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What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge in Red Deer, AB T4N 6V7 is a restoration used to replace a missing tooth or teeth. It is cemented in place and does not come out. A bridge is designed to restore the function and appearance of the missing teeth. If the restoration is designed to come out, it is actually, not a bridge. Often, people with removable partial dentures refer to their partial as a “bridge”, this may lead to some confusion.

A dental bridge is essentially a false tooth or teeth fixed in place by attaching them to natural teeth on either side of the space where a tooth is missing. The teeth on either side of the space are prepared for crowns and a highly accurate impression is made of the prepared teeth. Dental stone is poured in the impression to create an exact cast of the teeth. This cast is used to create a gold or porcelain (tooth coloured) bridge in a special laboratory.

The bridge is then cemented onto the prepared surface of the teeth, effectively creating the appearance and function of a “new” tooth.

What are the advantages of a dental bridge

A fixed bridge is permanent, it’s never removed. It looks, feels and functions much like your natural teeth.

By filling the gap left by a missing tooth or teeth, a dental bridge stops the movement of your other teeth. This makes a fixed bridge an excellent investment. It may provide you with:

  • improved appearance
  • improved chewing ability
  • improved jaw joint function
  • a cost effective dental treatment

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What’s your best option to replace missing teeth?

Your dentist in Red Deer, AB T4N 6V7 has many treatments to replacing missing teeth. Dental bridges are one; the others are dentures and dental implants. Which one is best depends on your individual circumstances. The best way to find out which one is best for you is to have a dental examination. Dr. Sandhu offer no obligation consultations to help you make the right choice.

Once Dr. Sandhu has had a chance to evaluate your oral health and check with you about your long-term dental goals he will be able to prescribe the most effective tooth replacement option for you.

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