Wish your discolored teeth were whiter?

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Many North Americans whiten their teeth. Whiter teeth can enhance your smile, and help you look healthy and youthful. If you are thinking about whitening discoloured teeth, you have a few viable options.

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Why do teeth discolour?

Discoloured teeth can occur for a number of reasons:

  • Teeth can darken due to various factors such as medications, most notably tetracycline.
  • Trauma can cause teeth to become darker.
  • Some people’s teeth are simply darker naturally.

As we age, our teeth naturally discolour. Many of us help the process along by consuming foods and drinks that stain. What stains teeth? Basically, anything that would stain a white t-shirt can stain your teeth. This is even more of a problem if you have a highly acidic diet.

Look before you leap

Teeth whitening in Red Deer, AB T4N 6V7 is a common, relatively safe, and cost-effective treatment to brighten discoloured teeth, but there are some important things to consider before you jump into a teeth whitening treatment.

  • For teeth whitening to be effective, your teeth need to be healthy. Addressing dental problems like plaque buildup, decay and dental restorations before you begin can help you avoid pain and the disappointment of the whitening process not working as well as you’d hoped.
  • Not all teeth whitening treatments are similar. Some use abrasives, some use acids and some use bleaching agents of various strengths. Not all are effective and some might have potential side effects.
  • There are some instances in which teeth whitening treatments won’t work. Prior to whitening your teeth, Dr. Sandhu will evaluate your teeth. He can assess your situation and determine if you are a candidate for whitening and what results you can expect. Sometimes, your option for whiter teeth may involve veneers rather than whitening.

An effective teeth whitening plan starts in the dental chair

There are various over-the-counter and unprofessional teeth-whitening options available. If you want to be sure you get the safest, most cost-effective treatment to brighten your discoloured teeth, you should consider a dental exam and consultation in Red Deer, AB T4N 6V7.

We offer two types of whitening.

In-office teeth whitening. With this treatment option, you can have whiter teeth in one hour. This technique has been proven to be fast and effective. To maintain your new whiter smile, we recommend you have custom made whitening trays made to “touch up ” your whitening every now and then as required.

Take home whitening trays allow you to whiten your teeth at home. Custom made whitening trays are made to accurately fit your mouth. At home, you place whitening gel in the trays, then wear the trays for recommended amount of time. Once you have obtained the maximum effect, you can use your trays to “touch up” your whitening as required.

Once Dr. Sandhu has evaluated your oral health and understands your long-term objectives regarding your teeth, he can work with you to find the treatment that will work the best for you.

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