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Did you know that your oral hygiene can impact the health of the rest of your body? If your teeth and gums are not properly cared for, infections can develop, and they can seep into your bloodstream.

That’s why it’s important to book and attend biannual dental hygiene appointments. This allows you to stay on top of things and helps your dentist identify and treat issues that may potentially be damaging to your smile.

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Oral Health Treatment in Red Deer

The Process

At our local dental office, we provide treatments catering to patients’ dental hygiene. This process is extremely straightforward and takes just a few minutes to perform. Typically, a dental hygiene exam is combined with a cleaning.

Below are the steps involved in an oral health evaluation:

  • Your hygienist will conduct most of the appointment. They’ll greet you, and ensure that you’re comfortable before starting.
  • Your dental (and sometimes medical) history and your habits at home will be discussed.
  • The hygienist will examine your oral cavity using a small mirror, which helps them see your teeth at multiple angles.
  • Once the exam is done, they’ll take x-rays. These digital images allow your hygienist and dentist to see what’s happening below the surface of your gums, particularly with your tooth roots and jawbone.
  • And that’s it! Now that these steps are performed, your smile will be thoroughly cleaned. Our dentist will examine your oral health at every stage of treatment to check the progress.

If you have any concerns or queries during your visit, don’t hesitate to let your dental team know.

Who Should Receive a Dental Exam?

Patients of all ages, from kiddos, to teenagers and adults, should all come in for dental exams on a regular basis. This treatment is a simple, pain-free preventative measure; not only does it boost the freshness of your breath and the color of your smile, but it gets rid of any bacteria and plaque that has amalgamated on your smile, reducing the chances of cavities and gum disease from occurring.

Oral Hygiene in Red Deer

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