X-Guide 3D Navigation in Red Deer, AB

Technology is a significant aspect of dental treatment. It allows your dentist and dental hygienist to accurately identify issues impacting your teeth and gums. These days, a new form of technology has begun to gain popularity – it’s known as X-Guide 3D navigation.

Here at our local dental office, we are proud to be able to incorporate such an asset in our treatments. Feel free to contact our staff to learn more about this service.


What is X-Guide Dental Treatment?

X-Guide is the name that’s been given to one of the latest surgical methods used by dentists. However, neurosurgeons working within a traditional hospital setting have been known to utilize it as well. This particular piece of equipment allows your dentist to “look inside” their patient virtually yet in real time; in other words, this computerized program guides them and helps them correctly move surgical tools and place prosthetics.

In the field of dentistry, the X-Guide is most frequently incorporated into dental implant surgery and other oral maxillofacial procedures.

The X-Guide increases the accuracy and efficiency of the entire dental treatment. If you’re curious about this or have questions or concerns, speak with your dentist today.

Steps in the Procedure

Step 1: Known as an X-Clip, this tiny piece of plastic is situated on your teeth. It is warmed up and cooled down in the water.

Step 2: A CBCT scan is taken of your oral cavity. CBCT stands for cone beam computed technology. It provides digital images of your bones that are hidden beneath your gum and can be manipulated by dentists.

Step 3: Your treatment journey is planned based on your current dental situation and the degree of restoration you need. In turn, this plan informs your dentist as to how to conduct your X-Guided surgery.

Step 4: The surgery is performed. A special piece of tracking equipment is placed in your mouth, initializing the computer system that will assist your dentist. Once this is completed, the second piece of equipment is fastened to your dentist’s instruments so they can see what’s occurring inside your cavity and move their tools accordingly.

You won’t have to worry about dealing with large incisions or needing extensive time to heal; one of the perks of this treatment is that all the incisions are thin and small.

Before you undergo any physical dental work, be sure to consult with your dental team first. They’ll be able to determine if you’re an eligible candidate for X-Guide surgery or if a more traditional option would be better for your unique case.

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