What do you do when you are missing all your teeth?


Tooth loss is a big deal. Losing even just one tooth can be devastating, but for those who are missing all teeth, the impact may be profound.

As humans, we need our teeth to:

  • chew and grind our food
  • help us speak clearly
  • support our cheeks and lips
  • keep our jawbones strong and healthy
  • maintain a balanced bite

For many, losing teeth can result in a sense of emotional loss. Our smiles are a part of who we are, and when they change due to tooth loss we may suffer from lowered self-esteem and loss of confidence. Loss of all teeth, and the resulting loss of chewing function will likely change the way one chooses which foods they eat and enjoy.

While not inevitable, tooth loss is commonly associated with aging. Losing one’s teeth may make a person start to feel old. Tooth loss can also come with a sense of shame. It’s a taboo subject that people often don’t like to talk about.

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Missing Teeth Treatment in Red Deer

The good news?

Today there are many options in Red Deer, AB T4N 6V7 for people who are missing all teeth.

When it comes to missing teeth, today’s dentists get to narrate a happier story. Dentures, dental implants, and implant supported dentures are all treatment options that can help you:

  • Replace your missing teeth.
  • Recover your smile.
  • Overcome the physical and emotional impacts of tooth loss.

Stay connected with your roots

Teeth are like icebergs in the sense that there is a lot going on under the surface. While we may not pay much attention to them, the roots of our teeth have a very important role to play.

Not only do they keep your teeth securely in place, the forces delivered when your teeth come into contact when you chew your food stimulates the bone. Without tooth roots, your jawbone reabsorbs, causing your lips and cheeks to fall inward, and your chin to move upwards. It’s a decidedly aged look and when you are missing all teeth, over time it becomes more and more difficult to wear a denture.

This is why we encourage many of our patients to consider dental implants and implant supported dentures when replacing their missing teeth. The direct connection to the bone not only provides stability and comfort, utilization of implants greatly reduces or eliminates the bone loss associated with missing teeth.

lady smiling after replacing her missing teeth

Recover your smile

These days missing teeth can be very effectively replaced. Which treatment will work best for you? That’s a good question; one we’d love to help you answer. An exam and consultation is the first step.

If you are missing all teeth and would like to learn more about YOUR best tooth replacement options, please schedule a consultation at our dental office in Red Deer, AB T4N 6V7.

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