Dental Veneers in Red Deer, AB

dental veneers in Red Deer, AB

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If you’re interested in restoring your smile, receiving cosmetic dental treatment may be just the thing for you. Not only can this method of care boost the functionality of your teeth and gums by addressing minor damage, but it will significantly improve their appearance.

At our dental practice, we provide dental veneers in Red Deer. If you’re interested in learning more about this process, we encourage you to get in contact with our veneers specialist today.

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What Are Veneers?

Veneers refer to custom-made coverings that are fitted onto your teeth to make them look uniform. Porcelain is typically the material of course for this treatment because it is extremely durable, stain-resistant, and long-lasting.

This is a great solution if you’re looking to address multiple issues with your smile such as those noted below:

  • Cracked/chipped teeth.
  • Teeth that are worn down.
  • Teeth that are unaligned or uneven.
  • Unnatural gaps between your teeth.
  • Altering the shape of your teeth (making them appear longer or shorter)
  • Discoloration. This may occur from smoking, excessive fluoride exposure, or certain food and drinks.

If you’re dealing with more serious dental issues, however, you may not be an ideal candidate for this process. Before receiving any cosmetic dental work, be sure to book a consultation with our veneer specialist near you. They’ll guide you through the process from beginning to end and address any questions that you have.

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The Tooth Veneers Process

If you have been identified as a suitable candidate for veneers, you’ll need to come in for at least 2 more appointments.

During the first one, our dentist will make molds of your smile, which are delivered to a dental lab alongside your x-rays. This package of information helps them create veneers that fit you precisely. It takes a bit of time for them to be produced. Our dentist may provide you with a set of temporary veneers while you wait.

Your second appointment is when your teeth are prepared for the veneers to be placed. This is done by removing a bit of your enamel so the prosthetics can stick better. Keep in mind that this will cause your teeth to be a bit more sensitive than usual.

If you’re in need of further care, always be sure to let your dental team know so they can ensure that you’re comfortable.

Now it’s important to remember that even though your veneers are indeed durable, they are still susceptible to damage. To ensure that they last, be sure to avoid eating foods that are too hard or crunchy, wear a mouthguard while playing sports, don’t use your teeth to open packages, and don’t grind your teeth.

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