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There are many reasons one would feel their smile is unattractive. Staining, chipping, uneven edges, crowding and gaps are some of the things we see in our dental practice.  If any of these concerns sound familiar, dental veneers could be a perfect solution for you.

Whatever the reason, there is likely a dental solution to your problem. From a simple cleaning and whitening, to Invisalign tooth alignment and porcelain veneers, our dental office in Red Deer, AB T4N 6V7 can help. 

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Red Deer Dental veneers could improve your smile

Dental imperfections happen for various reasons but there is a cosmetic treatment option that may work for you. Dental veneers have a multitude of uses when fixing imperfections.

When placing multiple veneers, Dr. Sandhu has control over many of the factors that help create a beautiful smile. We start the process by determining if veneers are indeed the appropriate treatment. If so, models are made of your teeth and then Dr. Sandhu does a wax-up.

This is a process where wax veneers are made on the models to help determine the shape and contour of the final result. It also allows Dr. Sandhu to see how much (if any) natural tooth must be removed to give room for the restorative material.

Once you and Dr. Sandhu agree that veneers are the treatment for you, we can begin the process.

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How are dental veneers placed?

In most cases, your teeth will be prepared with a minimal amount of tooth removed and reshaped. This will allow room for the porcelain and to ensure proper alignment.

Accurate impressions are made of your prepared teeth and sent to the dental laboratory. The dental technician who fabricates your veneers will also receive photographs, detailed shade mapping, bite information and notes to help them create your veneers.

While the lab technician is fabricating your veneers, you will wear composite resin prototypes. These prototypes (sometimes called temporary veneers) are used to assess function, shape and, to some degree, the colour of the final restorations. The lab tech will also have photographs and models of the prototypes.

Once the finished veneers are received, the prototypes are removed and the veneers positioned in place. You are then given the opportunity to see and approve the veneers. In the final step the veneers are fused to the teeth using dental bonding resin.

Dr. Sandhu’s goal is to help you achieve the smile you want. Dr. Sandhu and his team will use the principles of smile design, natural tooth anatomy and porcelain fabrication.  This will help to construct restorations that look as close to natural as possible. Whatever imperfections you may find in your teeth,our dentist in Red Deer, AB T4N 6V7 will do his best to improve your teeth’s appearance and have the smile you desire.

Let’s make sure your smile is up to the challenge

Dr. Sandhu’s goal is to help you achieve a natural-looking beautiful smile. Dr. Sandhu can work with you to decide what cosmetic restoration options are the most suitable for you. For example, dental veneers are a possible solution for many dental concerns and we believe there is a cosmetic treatment option that could work for you.

Arrange a consultation with Dr. Sandhu today to discuss your options and get started on a natural- looking smile upgrade.

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