Implant Supported Dentures in Red Deer, AB

Implant supported dentures in Red Deer

Implant Supported Dentures Near You

Obtaining a set of dentures can be a great way to restore the overall functionality and aesthetic appearance of your smile, especially if you’re missing multiple or all your teeth. But it can be tricky to know what kind of dentures is right for you; after all. There are several choices that you can receive depending on your unique dental needs and preferences.

One such option that is worth considering is acquiring implant-supported in Red Deer. Not only is this type of device reliable, but it will last you for many years.

For more information about this treatment, we encourage you to get in touch with your local dental office. Our staff will be able to assist you with anything you need.

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Implant Dentures Explained

To begin, the two main types of dentures that patients can receive, complete and partial dentures. Complete dentures are recommended for patients who are missing all their teeth, while partial dentures are better suited for smiles that are only missing several teeth, making this prosthetic like that of a dental bridge.

Dentures can also be permanently fixed in your mouth, or they can be removable. Again, which one you receive is depending on many factors, including the degree of restoration that your smile demands, the state of your oral health currently, and what your dentist thinks is best.

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Now, patients also have the option of receiving a partial or a fixed implant-supported denture. An implant-supported denture is identical to a regular set of dentures; The only difference is that it rests upon implant screws that are surgically installed in your jawbone as opposed to just sitting on top of the gum-covered ridges in your mouth.

Implants are extremely durable and, if taken care of properly, can even last a lifetime without any repairs or alterations needed, however, not all patients are eligible to undergo this process. So, if you are interested in receiving this device or want to learn more about it, please reach out to a dentist near you today.

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Why Get Implanted Dentures

The many benefits of this treatment are:

• Strengthen your jawbone and stop bone deterioration.
• Prevents shifting of teeth.
• Prevents facial sagging.
• Restores the functionality of your smile, including eating and speaking.
• Improves the appearance of your smile.
• Boosts your overall oral hygiene.

The procedure for implant-supported dentures is a standardized one; your dentist will make molds of your teeth which are used to design your customized dentures and then they’ll perform the surgery to place the screws and connecting abutments. Once your mouth has healed, you’ll return to receive your dentures.

At Saby Dental, we offer different types of dentures to our patients. To set up an initial consultation with our knowledgeable team, give our local dental office a call, or feel free to come in and see us in person. We’re excited to work with you and get your smile back to looking flawless once again!

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