Bone Grafting in Red Deer, AB

Are you aware that your bone remodels itself constantly as it deposits new bone cells and removes previous ones? When we refer to the bone that supports your teeth, this process mentioned above can either help you or harm you.

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Bone Grafting in Red Deer

Let’s discuss your dentist’s ability to move your teeth as an example. Moving your teeth in their ideal positions with braces is dependent on your jawbone’s adaptability. However, if you have lost a tooth, your bone will begin to change which can cause grave consequences.

When you lose your teeth, the surrounding bone will begin to melt away or in other words “resorb”. The bone that surrounds your teeth may also be lost if you suffer from gum disease. When you lose teeth and bone, it can cause sagging of your facial features which will age you and require complex treatment to replace the teeth.

Thankfully, modern bone grafting in Red Deer, AB T4N 6V7 makes it possible to build up the bone that was once lost. This can benefit your health and appearance as it strengthens your jawbone which allows for more effective tooth replacement and increases the support of your facial features.

Bone grafting near you is a minor surgical procedure. Typically, it is performed at a dental office. Your dentist will begin by making an incision in your gums, this allows them to gain access to the bone underneath. Grafting material is then added and your body will deposit new bone cells.

The grafting material may derive from your own body, however, usually, it is bone taken from an outside source such as an animal or human donor. The material comes in a host of forms including powder, granules, putty or a gel which may be injected through a syringe.

Bone Graft Uses

Bone grafting in Red Deer has more than just one use. It is used to:

Save Teeth

Advanced periodontal disease can cause bone loss, loosening of teeth and even tooth loss. Bone grafting can save your teeth. This procedure increases the support of your bone to keep your teeth in place.

Dental Extractions

After tooth extraction, bone grafting material may be deposited into the socket of the tooth once it has been removed. This makes it possible to replace the missing tooth later on.

Dental Implants

Dental implants require good bone volume and density to be successful and functional. If you have faced bone loss, bone grafting near you can help regenerate sufficient bone to place the implant successfully.

We offer bone grafting in Red Deer, AB T4N 6V7. To learn more about this procedure, contact our dental clinic today.

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