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Bruxism is a common condition that’s defined by constant grinding and clenching of one’s teeth. Often, this happens when at night when a patient is sleeping. Chronic bruxism can lead to a range of dental issues such as chipped or cracked teeth, jaw stiffness and pain, and even headaches. Luckily, this can be treated by receiving a custom night guard from our dentists here at Saby Dental.

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Night Guards Treatment in Red Deer

What is a Night Guard?

A night guard is simply a dental guard that you wear while you’re sleeping, just like you would if you had a retainer. They are structures that slip over the top row of your teeth, though you can receive dental guards that cover your entire smile. The guard acts as a cushion for your teeth and prevents them from rubbing together.

There are two main ways that you can go about obtaining a night guard: visiting a dental clinic near you or purchasing one at a local drugstore. As is the case with anything, there are pros and cons to each method, though dentists frequently recommend coming in for an appointment.

Dentists will be able to provide you with a night guard that is perfectly customized to your oral dimensions. They’ll take impressions of your smile and send them to the dental lab where your device will be made in approximately 2-3 weeks. Though custom night guards for grinding can be costly, they’ll last much longer and provide you with proper protection. They also won’t slip around in your mouth.

However, it does depend on your preferences and circumstances. Over-the-counter guards are less expensive and easily obtainable so if you need a night guard quickly, this is an option to consider.

Looking After Your Night Guard

Taking care of your night guard is another important aspect of preserving your oral health. Otherwise, if it becomes damaged, it won’t be able to properly preserve your smile.

When you’re not wearing it, keep it in a container and store that container in a safe place where it won’t get lost. In between uses, be sure to gently brush your night guard to keep it clean; use a soft-bristled brush to do this so it doesn’t get scratched.

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