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Teeth Whitening Near You

It’s okay to dream about having a smile as white as pearls but why just dream about it? Why not make it a reality?

Here at our local dental office, we offer teeth whitening in Red Deer for every patient, both new and existing, who are looking to enhance their entire smile. For more information about this process, contact our staff today.

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The Process

Visiting a teeth whitening clinic near you to undergo this process takes only one appointment that lasts between 60 to 90 minutes. Not everyone is eligible to receive this treatment, so you’ll need to have your dentist assess your smile beforehand. If you are suffering from extreme tooth sensitivity, are pregnant, are under the age of 16, or have gum disease, you will not be eligible for teeth whitening treatment.

That said, if you are deemed an appropriate candidate, the following steps will take place:

  1. Your teeth whitening dentist near you will thoroughly clean your smile; this is so that no lingering plaque and tartar interfere with the whitening.
  2. The whitening gel will be spread across your smile. Typically, this is hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. These two substances are extremely effective at removing stains from your teeth without harming your enamel.
  3. A special light will be placed after applying the gel, as this activates the bleaching process.
  4. The gel is wiped off your teeth then it’s applied again. This cycle is continued until your teeth resemble the shade of white that you wanted.

Undergoing teeth whitening near you is not a painful treatment, but if you are worried about any sensitivity, consult your dental professional. They will help you address any potential issues.


Though you can certainly purchase over-the-counter whitening products such as whitening toothpaste, mouthwash, and strips, considering professional treatment is always recommended due to the many benefits that individuals receive. These include:

  • It’s effective.
  • The appointment is quick, and you can get back to your day in no time at all.
  • Your results will last. Unlike at-home treatments, the results obtained from in-office whitening will last up to 3 months or more.
  • Most notably, it’ll boost your self-esteem!
  • The process is safe for patients of all ages.
  • The treatment is tailored to meet your specific preferences.

At Saby Dental, we provide reliable teeth whitening services to all our patients. If you’re curious to learn more or you’re ready to get started with this cosmetic treatment, call, email, or come in and speak to our staff today! We’ll be happy to help you choose a day and time that works for you.

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