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Our Saby Dental dentists have been practising dentistry since 2008. The skilled, experienced, and friendly staff at Saby Dental look forward to seeing you and your family at our Red Deer office for a wide range of dental services, including periowave laser. Using advanced dental technology, our dentist ensures to deliver the best possible dental care while minimizing pain.

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About Gum Disease Treatment

Periodontal or gum disease is a constant infection brought on by bacteria or parasites. Healthy mouth bacteria, which act as an extension of our immune system, defend us against pathogens that we ingest.

Plaque that gathers on our teeth is a byproduct of bacteria. The plaque calcifies if it is not removed. It is known as calculus or tartar at this point, and only a dental expert can remove it using specialized tools. If no proper treatment is given, the gums will begin to pull back in an effort to get away from the irritating plaque and calcium. Over time, the teeth’s supporting bone will also revert.

About Periowave

Periowave is one of the beneficial methods for treating germs found in periodontal pockets. You can reach out to Saby Dental’s dentist for periowave laser treatment. The non-invasive, painless periowave photo disinfection method can greatly enhance treatment results when mixed with scaling and root planing. Many of the dangerous bacteria and toxins linked to periodontal disease are eliminated by periowave.

Gingivitis, endodontics, peri-implantitis illness, and chronic periodontitis are all treatable with periowave. Gram-negative oral bacteria are quickly eliminated by this non-antibiotic therapy without the use of heat, pain, or surgery.

How Does Periowave Work?

Periowave is a non-antibiotic treatment that successfully gets rid of gram-negative oral infections without causing discomfort, heat, or surgery.

Primarily, it utilizes a laser to locate and eradicate the illness-causing bacteria that populate the area around the teeth in people with periodontal disease. This halts the disease’s progression and initiates the healing process. Patients and dental healthcare professionals have observed a marked modification in the state of oral tissues with the help of periowave treatment. Saby Dental can help patients who are searching for a “periowave laser near me” in Red Deer.

If you want to maintain your real teeth and dental health, this is fantastic news!

Periowave is suggested to individuals who would benefit from it as part of a particular hygiene therapy regimen that comes after scaling and root planing.

Is Periowave Safe?

Periowave makes use of a non-thermal (cold) diode laser, which does not damage tissue like thermal lasers do. Dental materials, root surfaces, or adjacent tissues are unaffected. With periowave, it is uncommon to experience antibiotic side effects like allergic, bacterial resistance, or sensitive reactions, opportunistic infections, or prolonged prescription doses. Many patients have benefited from the use of periowave over the course of its long history.


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