Do you have trouble chewing food?


Being able to chew properly is a very critical capability. Think about it. Without food, we die. Of course, having trouble chewing food won’t kill you. But being able to chew foods properly is important for healthy digestion as well as the ability to enjoy food.

Chewing food is the first stage in our digestive process. The better the food is cut or ground by our teeth, the more able our digestive enzymes are to do their job. Overall, the smoother the whole digestive process, the more nutrients our bodies receive.

Additionally, being unable to chew foods can make us alter the foods we choose, potentially robbing ourselves from nutritious or delicious fare.

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Why are you having difficulty chewing?

These are several reasons from your dentist in Red Deer, AB T4N 6V7, why you may be experiencing difficulty chewing food.

  1. Mouth pain.
  2. Jaw stiffness
  3. Issues with your teeth.
  4. Ill-fitting dentures or partial dentures.

These possibilities could all be a reason why someone would have trouble chewing food.

What’s the solution?

The first step in finding out what’s behind the problem is a dental exam and consultation in Red Deer, AB T4N 6V7. In some cases, such as damaged or missing teeth, the cause may be relatively easy to identify. In other cases, such as issues with your jaw, the problem may be more complex to diagnose.

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Saby Dental may be able to help you regain effective chewing

If you have trouble chewing food, regardless of the cause, the good news is we can help. There are dental treatment options that can help you regain your ability to chew effectively and comfortably.

Whether it is:

Our dentist Dr. Sandhu would like to help you resolve your chewing and bite problems so you will no longer have trouble chewing food.

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