How Do You Fix a Loose Dental Bridge?

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loose dental bridge treatment

Whether you already have or are actively looking for dental bridges near you, there is a good chance you might have begun to consider what will happen if your dental bridge becomes loose. After all, your dental bridge is the replacement for a missing tooth (or teeth), so any discomfort is not an option.

The easiest way to fix a loose dental bridge is to visit a dentist near you. Saby Dental offers dental bridges in Red Deer and, as such, will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have. But first things first, how will you know if your dental bridge is loose?

Symptoms of a Loose Dental Bridge

If you have a dental bridge that is more than ten years old, it is not unlikely that it will become loose over time. You might notice that the bridge begins to slip slightly when touched by either the fingertips or the tongue. You might find that it moves while you’re eating or drinking. Another symptom of a loose dental bridge is the increased sensitivity of the tooth. Finally, a third symptom to watch out for is the build-up of pressure in your mouth. It might even feel as if your teeth don’t match in the same way as before. This may make it more difficult to speak or eat.

Your dental bridge becoming loose can occur for many reasons. The good thing is that as long as you know the symptoms, you can identify the cause and the solution accordingly.

Reasons Your Dental Bridge Might Be Loose

One of the main reasons your dental bridge might become loose is due to oral trauma. This might involve the head, chest, or throat. The bridge itself may have been weakened and destroyed, or the teeth that protect the bridge may have been badly damaged. If you feel some pain or loosening of the bridge after you have undergone oral trauma, it is important that you seek treatment immediately.

Another reason for your dental bridge becoming loose is tooth decay. If your tooth begins to break down, the dental paste used to connect the bridge to your teeth will become loose and may even begin to wiggle. However, as long as you maintain good dental hygiene routines and notice any of the symptoms early, repairing your tooth and reattaching your bridge will be simple.

There is also a slight (although rare) possibility that the dental cement will decay over time. This is because patients who eat lots of sticky foods may tear the bridge away from the tooth very gradually until symptoms become noticeable.
What to Do If Your Dental Bridge Becomes Loose

If you notice your dental bridge becomes loose, it is important to take action early to prevent any damage. This is because a loose bridge will require the attention of a dentist near you. Our dentist in Red Deer that specializes in dental bridges can help repair your smile and bridge. To make an appointment, we encourage you to contact us today! In most cases, your dentist in Red Deer will be able to cement the bridge back where it was, or they will be able to recommend alternatives to re-treat the area with a new restoration.

In the meantime, it is important to avoid moving your bridge before your appointment. This means no moving, cleaning around, or further loosening your dental bridge. Any attempts to do so can cause further damage and increase the severity of your situation.

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