Why Use Dental Implants to Treat Patients?

For decades, removable dental restorations such as dental bridges and dentures have been used to effectively address problems associated with missing teeth. The use of dental implants has provided many great benefits for patients, however. Still, people wonder why they should get dental implants rather than opting for removable dental restorations. There are plenty of reasons why, and we’d like to cover a few of the major ones right now.

Dental Implants Function Just Like Natural Tooth Roots

More than anything, we like to stress that dental implants function just like natural tooth roots. This offers a number of dental health advantages. For one, your bite strength with dental restorations will be comparable to your bite strength with your natural teeth. In addition, there is added stability with dental implants compared to removable dental restorations. And since the dental implants function just like natural roots, bone loss and gum recession as a result of missing root structure is eliminated.

Aesthetic Improvements Over Removable Restorations

With traditional removable dental restorations, there is sometimes a noticeable seam line between the dental restoration and the patient’s natural gumline. (This seam can become more pronounced over time if the gums recede.) With dental implants, this seam line is practically eliminated, which means that dental restorations appear even more natural.

Dental Implants Have High Success Rates

When treating the upper jaw and lower jaw, dental implants have proven remarkably effective. Studies have shown that the success rate of dental implants is comparable or better than conventional dentistry. Dental implants are now considered mainstream dental procedures.

The Oral Surgery is Safe and Effective

Because the dental implants process is so deliberate, the oral surgery is safe and effective for many patients. The placement of a dental implant is often less traumatic than the surgery involved inremoving a tooth.  While there is always a risk of complications, the majority of patients who undergo implant placement report very few side effects.

Non-Candidates May Become Candidates

One of the great things about this initial consultation is that even if you are not initially a good candidate for dental implants, other procedures may be performed to make you eligible for dental implants. If you do not have sufficient bone density in the jaw, a bone grafting surgery may be performed to build sufficient bone density. Similarly, if you do not have sufficient gum tissue to support a dental implant, gum augmentation surgery can be performed to build up gum tissue.

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