What is the Difference Between Dentures and Partial Dentures? Which one is Better?

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What is the Difference Between Dentures and Partial Dentures Which one is Better


Dental prosthetics like dentures can be used to fill up gaps left by lost teeth. They are a well-liked solution for those whose teeth have been lost entirely or partially as a result of trauma, tooth rot, or other dental issues. Dentures can help patients speak and eat more clearly, as well as improve their overall appearance.

There are two primary types of dentures:

1. Complete Dentures
2. Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are used when some natural teeth are still available, whereas complete dentures are used when a patient is missing all of their natural teeth.

A patient’s ability to properly eat and communicate again is one of the key advantages of dentures. By filling in the spaces created by missing teeth and supporting the cheeks and lips, which may sag when teeth are lost, they can also help the patient seem better.

Dentures may need some time to adjust for the patient to feel comfortable with them, and as the patient’s mouth changes over time, they may need to be changed or re-fitted. Additionally, dentures could need more upkeep and care than real teeth, including routine cleaning, soaking, and sporadic dental repairs or modifications.

Complete vs Partial Dentures

Both complete and partial dentures are dental prostheses used to replace lost teeth; however, they are utilized in different conditions and have different designs.

When a patient is missing every one of their natural teeth, complete dentures, sometimes referred to as “full dentures,” are used. They consist of a full set of replacement teeth affixed to a gum-coloured acrylic foundation that fits over the patient’s gums. Complete dentures may be removed for cleaning and maintenance and secured in place using suction or glue.

On the other hand, partial dentures are used when some natural teeth are still intact. They are used to close gaps produced by lost teeth and are made up of a metal or acrylic foundation with replacement teeth attached. Metal clasps that are attached to the remaining natural teeth keep the partial dentures in place.

The patient’s specific circumstances will determine whether to use full or partial dentures. Complete dentures may be the best solution for a patient who has lost every one of their natural teeth. Partial dentures, on the other hand, could be a better option if the patient still has some natural teeth.

Compared to complete dentures, partial dentures provide a number of benefits. They can aid in stopping additional tooth loss by supporting the natural teeth that are still there. They can also make it easier for the patient to correctly chew and communicate, as well as improve their appearance by bridging any gaps left by missing teeth. Due to the fact that partial dentures are supported by the natural teeth that are still present, they are frequently more comfortable and sturdy than complete dentures.

Partial dentures do have certain drawbacks, though. As the metal clasps that keep them in place might damage the remaining natural teeth, they require more maintenance than full dentures. The fact that they are put under higher stress when eating and speaking may also make them less durable than full dentures.

In conclusion, restoring lost teeth may be done with partial or complete dentures. The decision between the two is based on the situation and preferences of each patient as well as the dentist’s recommendation. The most effective course of action for your specific requirements should be determined during a consultation with a dentist near you.

Dentures at Saby Dental

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