What Happens if You Don’t Wear Your Invisalign for a Week?

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One of the reasons why Invisalign is so popular is because of how convenient it is. First, the trays are clear and hard to be visually detected, and on top of that, they’re removable. That flexibility makes them extremely attractive among patients, especially young ones. Whether you need to eat or to properly clean your teeth, you can always remove them temporarily. Your dentist in Red Deer recommends wearing them around 20 or 22 hours for the most effective results. However, some people can remove them and forget to put them back. If it’s for short periods, there’s no need to worry. But what about forgetting to use them for several days at a time? Is not wearing your Invisalign for a week going to destroy all the progress you’ve made so far? Keep reading if you want to know the answer to this frequently asked question.

What to expect

If you forget to wear your trays for a week, it could have negative consequences on your treatment. Not only will your improvement be significantly delayed, but also you could find they don’t fit at all when you try to put them back on. No matter how convenient Invisalign is, it still needs a certain amount of dedication to work properly. Talk about this situation with your dentist that provides Invisalign in Red Deer, as they could provide valuable insight on how to manage this problem.

Don’t take breaks

Understandably so, it’s the younger patients that forget about wearing their Invisalign trays mostly. They might think that taking small breaks from the trays won’t make a difference. However, not wearing the Invisalign consistently as prescribed can significantly hinder one’s progress and even lead to relapse. Furthermore, it can also make it more likely for patients to forget to wear them for extended periods. Granted, every patient is different and not everyone will incur negative consequences to the same degree. But the important thing is trying to minimize anything that could compromise the effectiveness of the treatment. Look for a dental office that offers Invisalign near you, they can tell you about other things you should avoid while undergoing the treatment.

How to put them back on after a long time

If you spend a week without wearing your Invisalign trays, you probably will face some degree of difficulty when trying to put them back on. One thing to note is that these trays are custom-made to provide a perfect fit. Therefore, you should never force them into your mouth as this could lead to injuries to your teeth, gums, and soft tissues. Instead, try putting them on using the part of the tray where you feel the least resistance, you can use a mirror and insert one side first and then wiggle the other side. You’ll know it’s safe to do this because they will slide in easily and you won’t feel pain or discomfort. You can always visit a dentist near you and ask them to place them for you if it makes you nervous to do so by yourself.

If it doesn’t work

When your tray doesn’t fit or when it feels too uncomfortable to wear, you will need to resort to the backup plan. Your plan B will be trying on your previous tray, it should fit a little bit more comfortably than your current aligner and will allow you to reboot the treatment. Sadly, you will have to wait a couple of weeks before your alignment progress is back on track.

Remember! Listen to your dentist and wear your Invisalign as prescribed to avoid issues.

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