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6 dental crowns

A dental crown is a shield that is placed on the surface of the tooth above the gum to protect it or extend its life. This kind of procedure is known as dental crowning and it is very popular among a vast majority of patients. The procedure is painless and a dental crown appears like a natural tooth. There are several reasons outlined below as to why you may need to consider dental crowns.

Prevent tooth decay and cavities

Tooth decay is a serious oral health problem that affects many people and it can weaken your teeth. If left untreated, tooth decay leads to cavities that can accommodate bacteria that further weaken the tooth. When tooth decay reaches such a critical stage, the dentist may need to remove your tooth.

However, crowns can help prevent some of these dental conditions that are mainly caused by bacteria. A crown is a cover that protects your teeth against bacteria and it also helps to prevent the development of cavities. On top of that, a crown strengthens your tooth. If you visit a dental clinic near you, the dentist will provide you with more information about the significance of dental crowns.

Protects cracked teeth

Cracked teeth are unsightly and they can also be painful. The cracks on your teeth can trap food particles which can make can make chewing painful and also attract bacteria. A cracked tooth is also sensitive to cold and hot temperatures. If the crack is left unattended, it can continue widening which leads to the splitting of the tooth.

Dentists can, however, recommend dental crowns to people with deep cracks. If you have deep cracks on your teeth, crowns can help prevent further damage. A crown also helps stop the pain in your tooth. Minor cracks may not require crowns in some cases. Therefore, it is imperative to visit a dentist near you so that he or she can assess if your teeth are suitable for dental crowns.

Protects root canals

A tooth forms a hole if you have root canal therapy and this can lead to a crack if left untreated. The dentist will recommend a crown if you have this condition which helps to strengthen the tooth while at the same time preventing further damage that can be caused by the crack. A crown also helps you to use a cracked tooth normally again without any sensitivity.

Dental implants

In some cases, other teeth may be badly damaged such that they should be removed first then followed by the dental implant procedure. A dental implant is a replacement of the missing tooth root that is inserted into your jawbone. Once the dental implant procedure has been successfully performed, a crown is fitted on top so that it appears like an original tooth.

A crown can also be used to cover the gap of a missing tooth between two teeth. Crowns are used to bridge this gap though nothing will be inserted into your jaw. A visit to your local dental office in Red Deer can provide you with finer details about crowns that are most suitable for your condition.


A perfect smile offers you confidence and it makes you more attractive. People with healthier and whiter-looking teeth are viewed as attractive and successful as opposed to those with discolored teeth. Dental procedures such as teeth whitening, bleaching as well as professional cleanings can be used to address the problem of tooth discoloration.

These treatment methods may not work if the stains on your teeth are extreme, however. This is when dental crowns come in handy. They make your teeth whiter and appear natural which can also significantly improve your smile.

There are many reasons why you should consider dental crowns for your teeth. For instance, they protect your teeth against decay as well as enhance your smile. If you would like detailed information about dental crowns in Red Deer, you can visit your nearest dental clinic.

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