Missing All Your Teeth?

missing all your teeth

Wondering what to do?

Having no teeth may be embarrassing, but there are other impacts as well. While our teeth do contribute a lot to our appearance, we also need them for some pretty basic functions, such as:

  • chewing and grinding our food
  • clear speech
  • maintaining strong and healthy jawbones
  • keeping the bite balanced

In addition, there’s a third tribulation that comes when you have lost your teeth. Losing teeth is often seen as a precursor to old age. It’s a circumstance that can make you both feel and look old.

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The denture dilemma

In the past, when someone lost all their teeth, they were destined to live life with dentures. The trouble with dentures is, without tooth roots to stimulate them, the jawbone begins to deteriorate. These changes in the bone under the gums creates a lifelong struggle for comfort and function.

You have options..

When it comes to replacing missing teeth

Fortunately dentistry has advanced considerably over the last 50 years. At Saby Dental, we are able to offer our clients options.

For those with no remaining natural teeth we are pleased to offer the following dental solutions:

  • Custom crafted esthetic dentures
  • Implant supported overdentures
  • Fixed dentures on dental implants
  • Fixed porcelain teeth on dental implants

Let us help you find your best treatment

If you are missing all your teeth, these days they can be effectively replaced. If you are wondering which treatment will work best for you, we’d love to help you find out.

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