How to Get the Teeth You Want With Dental Veneers

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woman showing her perfect teethes

At their very best, your teeth are a symbol of your confidence and enthusiasm. You flash them eagerly and quickly in your smile and laughs. At their worst, they’re misshapen, discoloured, oddly spaced, and something you may feel self-conscious of. How can you gain the confidence that perfect teeth can provide? Dental veneers in Red Deer can help. If your dentist has suggested you consider veneers to achieve your cosmetic dentistry goals, here’s some information to consider.

Be careful what you wish for

Much as you want whiter and brighter teeth — and veneers can certainly deliver on that goal — you probably don’t want bright white teeth. Even at their healthiest and cleanest, teeth are not actually white. Healthy and clean teeth are many different shades on a spectrum that includes grey and yellow tones.

Dental veneers in Red Deer should be and can be selected to match any natural teeth that will remain uncovered, as well as your gums and skin tone. Your dentist in Red Deer will help you choose your veneers using a shade guide, and will recommend colour and shape to blend naturally with your face while subtly transforming your smile. Remember the days of the black light disco? And how did white people’s teeth look? Avoid that look.

As many as necessary, but not necessarily many

Veneers can be placed on one tooth or several teeth. If you have just one damaged or discoloured tooth because, for example of an injury or infection, a single veneer may be enough to transform the appearance of that tooth and, with it, give you the smile you are looking for.

Some patients choose to have perfect veneers placed on the most prominent teeth in their smile while choosing to whiten the rest. You and your dentist will be able to develop a strategy to achieve your cosmetic goals, and just how big a role dental veneers in Red Deer should play in that plan.

Your teeth will need to be prepared, but not necessarily in the same way

Your dentist’s goal will be to add veneers in a way that you won’t notice any bulkiness or any seams where they meet your underlying teeth. In the simplest of situations, preparing your teeth will mean removing a very thin layer of enamel — thinner than your fingernail — to make room for the thickness of your veneer.

If the veneer is being used to alter the appearance of a crooked or misshapen tooth, it is sometimes necessary to remove more material to ensure the perfect shape is projected and that the veneer is securely bonded in place. Every patient’s situation is different, but your dentist in Red Deer will develop the precise treatment plan necessary to ensure your veneers are securely in place.

Once your dentist’s work is done, your work begins

Your investment in your appearance by acquiring veneers will pay off for as long as 15 or 20 years — if you do your part to maintain them and preserve their lifespan. Preserving the lifespan of veneers is as simple as committing to regular daily dental hygiene habits, including brushing twice a day and flossing daily. Add to that having your teeth cleaned once a year at your dentist and avoiding bad habits like chewing your fingernails, pencils, and ice, and your veneers may last two decades.

If you could change anything about your teeth, what would it be? It’s not such a fantasy. Cosmetic dentistry options are so numerous and flexible that you can change just about any characteristic of your teeth with dental veneers in Red Deer. When you’re ready to take that step, contact a dentist near you.

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