How Do Probiotics Affect Oral Health?

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How Do Probiotics Affect Oral Health

When we think about probiotics, we most often associate them with our digestive health. However, we have recently discovered that probiotics are also beneficial for oral health. In this blog post, our team at Saby Dental goes over some of the possible health benefits that probiotics have to offer.

#1 Preventing Tooth Decay and Plaque

One of the biggest components of maintaining oral hygiene in Red Deer is controlling the number of bacteria and plaque in your mouth. A bad type of bacteria converts sugar into acid, which creates an acidic environment in the mouth, leading to tooth decay. However, one study has shown that A12, a healthy bacteria, stops the growth of this invasive bacteria and prevents the formation of plaque.

#2 Managing Gum Disease

If you have swollen gums and sensitive teeth, then a dentist near you may have diagnosed you with gingivitis, which is a form of gum disease. Recently, studies have shown that probiotic supplements can aid with gum disease treatment. Additionally, taking probiotics has been shown to decrease overall oral inflammation and soothe painful symptoms. If you have been dealing with gum disease for many years, you may want to speak to your dentist about the benefits of starting on a probiotic.

#3 Preventing Halitosis

Nobody wants to deal with the embarrassment of having bad breath, especially during social events. Also known as bad breath, halitosis is a result of a buildup of bad bacteria in your mouth or gut. A recent study involving over 20 patients who took a probiotic alongside an antimicrobial mouthwash for over three days had fewer bad bacteria in their mouths than those who did not take the probiotic.

Sources of Probiotics

There are many sources of probiotics, and you can choose to get your intake of probiotics through food or supplements. Foods that are excellent sources of probiotics include milk, cheese, yogurt, and dill pickles. Because they are not as concentrated as supplements, using foods as sources of probiotics is better for those who are immuno-compromised. You can also find concentrated sources of probiotics in powder or pill form. Your dentist in Red Deer may recommend that you take both prebiotics and probiotics, which will help the healthy probiotics grow.

Side Effects of Probiotics

A healthy individual will not experience side effects from probiotics. However, if you have an autoimmune disease, then you should steer clear of probiotics. As well, children and pregnant women should speak to a doctor before choosing to take probiotics. Even a healthy individual should ask a doctor for recommendations for dosage and type of probiotics to take.

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We are still just beginning to learn how probiotics can help us treat and maintain oral hygiene near you. While the initial results have been encouraging, it is important to speak to a dental professional before making major changes to your oral health routine. Our team of dedicated dental professionals at our dental clinic in Red Deer is happy to provide you with the most up-to-date tips and research to ensure that you maintain optimal oral health for years to come. Please do not hesitate to contact us and book a consultation today.

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