Gift yourself a new smile this holiday season: Dental Bonding in Red Deer

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gift yourself a new smile this holiday season with dental bonding in red deer

This is the season for smiles and parties. Around this time of the year, many patients would love to change the way their teeth look with a new smile. But there are some things that hold a lot of them back from scheduling their appointments. Patients are concerned about cost, invasiveness, convenience, and the possibility of experiencing pain. What if we were to tell you that there is a procedure that can address all of these concerns and give you the smile you’ve always wanted?

What Is Dental Bonding? The Simple and Pain-Free Six-Step Process

Dental bonding utilizes a composite material to affordably fill a tooth or correct damaged teeth. The composite is made up of a mixture of resin, silica, and glass. There is a six-step process that takes place for all dental bonding in Red Deer.

1. Preparing the Tooth or Teeth

The first step in the preparation process is to find the right color. It is important to note that composite bonding material does not lighten with bleaching. Therefore, if you are interested in bleaching, please let us know before we get the process started.

Once a shade is selected, the next step we will take is to gently prepare the teeth using a dental bur or polishing disc. In cases where there is no decay or staining, we can use a disc that is a little like sand paper to roughen the surface of the tooth. If there is any decay or stain, we will use a dental bur to gently remove the decay. This can usually be done without anesthesia.

2. Etching

After the tooth has been prepared, we will put a conditioning gel on the tooth. Conditioning the tooth allows the composite material to adhere to the tooth better. The etchant is rinsed off after a few seconds.

3. Priming

After conditioning the tooth, we will place a primer on the tooth. This helps to ensure that the adhesive material will work effectively.

4. Bonding

After the primer has been on the tooth for a few seconds, we will place the bonding adhesive material. The adhesive is placed very thinly and then cured with an ultraviolet curing light. Sometimes, dental material companies provide a primer and bonder in one, allowing us to do the priming and bonding in one step instead of two. What we use – whether a one-step or two-step process – depends entirely on what is the best product on the market. Our desire is to only use the best materials for our patients.

5. Placement and Curing of the Composite Material

The next step is to place the composite plastic material. It is soft and malleable so that we can properly shape it and fit it into the nooks and crannies. The great thing about composite material is that it does not harden until we use a curing light on it. That gives us plenty of time to get the shape right, and change the shade if we deem it necessary.

6. Polishing and Checking the Bite

After curing the composite plastic, the next thing we need to do is polish it. This is when it all comes together. You will not even be able to tell where the composite ends and your tooth begins. This type of material will not only match in shape, but also in shine. We will use a number of different polishing tools to make sure we get the correct level of smoothness and shine. We will also be sure to check your bite at this point. We want to make sure that your bite isn’t too tall and that all of your teeth meet as they are supposed to. The end result: a beautiful smile!

What Dental Aesthetic Issues Can Be Treated With Dental Bonding in Red Deer?

The wonderful thing about dental bonding at Saby Dental is that it is quick, easy, affordable, and pain-free. Other procedures done for a Smile Makeover might take weeks or months to achieve because of lab fabrication time for crowns and/or veneers. These procedures require that patients remain in a temporary crown or veneer until the lab is finished with their custom creation. Dental bonding in Red Deer, on the other hand, takes just an appointment or two depending on how many teeth are being restored.

Another reason we love bonding is because there are so many dental issues that can be treated quite easily. These include:

  •  Chipped or damaged teeth
  •  Stained teeth
  •  Misshapen teeth
  •  Crooked teeth
  •  Teeth with decay
  •  Teeth that are worn
  •  Teeth with gaps

We also love that dental bonding is easy to care for; all you need to do is brush and floss as normal. It is advisable to refrain from eating or drinking any dark foods for the first forty-eight hours after your bonding procedure to prevent any possible staining. Other than that, there really aren’t any limits or restrictions. As soon as your appointment is over you can go about your life like normal.

A Recap: Why You Need to Talk to Your Dentist about Bonding

Dental bonding is a quick, easy, six-step procedure that will give you the new smile you’ve always wanted. And, it’s more affordable than custom, lab fabricated veneers. If you’ve been interested in getting a beautiful smile.

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