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Everything you Should Know About Dentures Red Deer

What are Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are used when there are few natural teeth remaining in the mouth. They come in two types – fixed partial dentures and removable partial dentures. What is commonly known as dental bridges are a type of fixed partial denture, where an artificial tooth is permanently anchored between two healthy teeth. Removable partial dentures are often used when there are multiple missing teeth in a mouth. They are temporarily secured to any remaining natural teeth using small clasps or dental crowns.

Modern Denture Improvements

There have been many new developments when it comes to the design and the making of dentures. The functionality of the dentures has been greatly enhanced, and the materials used to make them are a lot softer and more comfortable on the gums. Custom-fit dentures are specific to your mouth; the color of the natural teeth is matched to the dentures, making them look and feel as natural as possible.

Implant Supported Dentures

Regular dentures are designed to rest and be secured on the gums. Implant supported dentures are used when a person does not have any remaining natural teeth but has a strong enough jaw to support the implant surgery. These dentures include anchors that support prosthetic, replacement teeth. They are most commonly used for the lower jaw since regular dentures are most unstable in this area.

Benefits of Dentures

As a flexible restorative treatment, dentures can replace missing teeth regardless of there being multiple gaps or a full set of teeth missing. They can help boost self-confidence by restoring a full smile and preventing any sagging cheeks that can occur without the structural support of a full set of teeth. Removable dentures also give you the possibility to wear them only at your desire, comfort, and convenience.

Types of Dentures

There are two main types of dentures – Full dentures and partial dentures. Full dentures include complete upper and lower sets, which are made for people who have lost all their natural teeth. Partial dentures are custom-made for each person’s case, whether there is one or several missing teeth missing. They are designed to clasp onto any remaining natural teeth for support while using false teeth attached to the denture to fill the gaps. They have an aesthetical value and also keep the remaining natural teeth from shifting in the mouth.

How are Dentures Made?

The materials used in making dentures are typically resin or porcelain. Your dental clinic Red Deer can provide you with a free consultation for denture fitting and creation. They are made to look and feel as similar to natural teeth as possible. The full or partial framework that supports dentures is usually made from flexible polymers. After the Red Deer dentist takes impressions of your mouth, a customized set of dentures is made in a dental laboratory.

Are there Alternatives to Dentures?

If a person is missing only one or a small number of teeth, permanent dental implants are a good alternative to wearing dentures. They function just as natural teeth do, without causing the patient any discomfort. During the dental implant process, artificial ” tooth roots” made of titanium are made and inserted into the jaw bone as replacement teeth. However, one should have healthy gum tissue and strong bone in the jaw, in order to be a candidate for receiving dental implants.

What Do New Dentures Feel Like?

Wearing new dentures usually, take some time to get used to. At first, it may feel unfamiliar and awkward especially when speaking, and learning to eat food while wearing them. However, a properly designed set of dentures sits comfortably in the mouth and will eventually feel natural once you get used to the feeling of wearing them.

Are Dentures Worn 24 hrs a Day?

It is possible to wear dentures 24 hours a day, but it is not recommended. Dentures need regular cleaning to ensure effective functionality and durability. Therefore, they should be removed and properly cleaned every night, and stored in a container filled with clean water while you sleep. Your gums will also need a break from wearing the denture.

Types of Denture Adhesives

There are many different types of denture adhesives, including creams, powders, and strips.  Creams are a popular type of adhesive, giving a strong hold that lasts all day. Powders are similar to creams and give a comfortable hold for up to 12 hours. Strips are quick and easy to apply, and comfortably hold dentures in place.

The Denture Process

The process of getting a denture includes 3 main steps – the preparation, the making, and the fitting. During the preparation, your dentist in Red Deer checks to see if your gums are healthy and suitable to wear dentures. Then an impression of your gums will be taken by biting into a wax mold. This will be used to make a model of your dentures, with your input on the shape, size, and color.

The final fitting of the dentures includes trying them out and seeing if there are any flaws or imperfections. Your Red Deer dentist will adjust them where necessary, to ensure the perfect fit.

Caring for Dentures

Handling your dentures carefully is important, without putting too much pressure on them since it can affect the shape and the way they fit in your mouth.

Use a suitable cleaning product to brush your dentures daily and store them properly before you sleep. Remove and rinse off dentures after eating whenever possible to maintain good oral hygiene.

If you have any kind of questions in your mind, feel free to ask our dentist today or visit our Dentures Red Deer clinic near you.

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