Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Night Guards

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Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About Night Guard

There are a lot of ways that we can go about protecting our smiles such as avoiding extremely hard and crunchy foods, not opening packages with our teeth, brushing and flossing, and wearing a night guard.

Night guards are an especially great device to consider using if you’re suffering from bruxism (the continual clenching and grinding of your teeth while you sleep)

If you’re interested in gathering more information about night guards in Red Deer, our local dental practice is here to help! Give us a call whenever you can.

What is a Night Guard Exactly?

A night guard is precisely what it sounds like: it’s an instrument used to eliminate stress and damage to your teeth while you’re off in dreamland. Night guards can be customized to fit the dimensions of your oral cavity precisely; this is done by taking x-rays or digital impressions.

Nighttime bruxism can arise due to several factors including, stress, or as a side effect of taking certain medications. When such a habit continues for an extended period, it can cause your teeth to become chipped, cracked, worn down, and can wear down your enamel. It can cause unnecessary stress on your jawbone too, a primary symptom of temporomandibular disorder (TMD) which hinders your ability to move your mouth.

How do they work?

It’s simple: a night guard acts as a protective barrier between your upper and lower teeth. The device keeps them separate from one another, preventing grinding and clenching, headaches, and snoring among other symptoms.

To learn more about night guards, get in touch with a dentist near you. They will be happy to answer any questions you have about the process or the product itself.

Things to Remember

You can acquire a custom or over-the-counter night guard.

Just like sports mouth guards, you can visit a Red Deer dentist and have a night guard created that fits your mouth and your mouth only. Such a device will be much more comfortable and will last longer since it’s fabricated from the best materials. It won’t irritate your gums or the surface of your teeth either.

It can take time to adjust to your night guard.

When you first wear your night guard, it can feel a bit strange. Don’t worry; this is completely normal. Give yourself a bit of time to get used to wearing it. Soon, you’ll hardly notice that it’s there.

But, if you’re still experiencing discomfort, talk to your dentist.

Keep your night guard clean.

Whether it’s Invisalign trays, dentures, or night guards, it’s important that you take time to clean your device. Bacteria and other debris can build up in the grooves which can lead to cavities or infection. Rinsing and brushing your night guard with a soft toothbrush will do the trick. Be sure to let it dry too.

Storing it in a case will not only help you keep track of it, but it’ll protect your device and keep it in good condition.

Bring your night guard to your dental checkups.

This will allow your dentist to assess your device and double-check that it fits you and that it is indeed effective.

Wear your night guard consistently!

While this may seem obvious, you need to make a conscious effort to actually wear your night guard! Otherwise, it won’t help preserve your smile.

At Saby Dental, we provide night guards near you. Our staff looks forward to welcoming you and your family to our practice. Whatever you need, we’re here to assist you with all your dental endeavours. To set up a consultation, contact us via phone, email, or come by in person.

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