Don’t like the smile you were born with?

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dont like the smile you were born with

There are many reasons why people aren’t 100% satisfied with the smiles they were born with. Cosmetic issues such as crooked, misshapen or congenitally deformed teeth can cause people to feel embarrassed about their smiles.

These same problems can also cause oral health problems if they make teeth harder to clean or if they impact the alignment of your bite.

While dental treatment can’t alter the fundamentals of your appearance, you may be surprised to just how many things a dentist can change about your teeth these days.

What makes a beautiful smile?

While people have been pondering the philosophy and science behind what makes something beautiful for millennia, there are a few rules Dr Saby follows when it comes to improving the appearance of your smile.

Balance: An attractive smile is a balance between pink, white and black. When most people think about their smiles, they focus on their teeth, however, it is just as important to have healthy, properly proportioned gums.

Symmetry: An attractive smile is a collection of things that fall in the normal range. If too many things fall outside of the average or if a few factors are way out, then a smile will appear less attractive.

An appropriate shade of white: While most people would agree that a white smile is the most attractive, it is possible to have a very attractive smile that is not overly white. In fact, teeth that are too white may appear false.

What cosmetic treatments are available at our Red Deer dental clinic?

  • Veneers are used to alter the shape of your teeth, cover flaws, chips or cracks or whiten discoloured teeth
  • Dental bonding is used to repair damage like chips or cracks in teeth
  • Teeth whitening can help to brighten your smile
  • Dental crowns are used to restore damaged teeth
  • Dental implants or dental bridges can replace missing teeth
  • Orthodontic treatment help you straighten crooked teeth
  • Gum treatments like gum lifts or gum grafts can address problems with the gums
  •  Selective tooth reshaping can change the shape, length or surface of a tooth

Ready to get started?

The best way to do a smile analysis is to look in the mirror and simply see if you are happy with your smile. If you are, great: if not, schedule a consultation with Red Deer dentist Dr Saby. Once he’s examined your teeth, assessed your oral health, and discussed your appearance goals with you, he can help you plan out a course of treatment to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

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