Do You Hate Going to the Dentist Red Deer? We Address Some of Your Concerns

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We understand that visiting the dentist is not something most people look forward to doing. In fact, there are a variety of reasons why patients may have going to their local Red Deer Dental Clinic. However, Saby Dental Clinic has been serving the Red Deer area for over 30 years and knows exactly how to silence your concerns regarding dental procedures and treatments. We have heard a number of questions, concerns, and stories over the years and can address some the issues you may be having in the article below.

“I Hate Needles”

There is no denying getting a shot can be painful, especially if you have a fear of needles. However, with advancements in medical and dental technology, we have addressed this concern in the form of numbing the area before using the needle. For example, if you require a needle for a specific dental procedure, we are able to apply anesthesia to ensure you don’t feel the needle’s prick as well as put you at ease during the entire process. Simply voice this concern to your Dentist in Red Deer and they will be sure to accommodate your concerns at their Red Deer Dental Clinic.

“I Don’t Like Waiting”

Our priority is ensuring our patients are not only comfortable but provided with the highest level of dental care possible in the timeliest manner. Time is one thing you can’t get back and we understand the value of spending your time wisely, which is why we ensure you do not suffer during long wait times before your appointment. When you book an appointment at our Red Deer Dental Clinic you are seen right on time and not a moment later. We value our patients’ time so much so that even walk-ins or new patients will be seen quickly without much of a wait.

“I Become Anxious After Being Told I Need Dental Work”

Saby Dental Clinic has many returning and new patients that come in for a variety of different dental services, which allows us to get to know our patients fairly well. We understand the value of practicing good oral hygiene and educate our patients on why they must practice this at home in order to avoid any serious dental issues. Our Red Deer Dentist will spend the time to ensure you adopt healthy oral hygiene habits and focuses on preventative efforts with each and every patient.

If you would like to avoid unexpected dental treatments and unnecessary expenses, you must not skip your bi-annual dental cleanings and exams. When you visit our Red Deer Dental Clinic for an exam and cleaning, you will be examined with the latest digital x-rays and intra-oral cameras to show you what exactly is happening in your mouth. If any type of dental treatment or procedure is necessary, you will be provided with options based on your budget.

“Thinking About the Dentist Freaks Me Out”

Sometimes the mere thought of visiting the dentist can send someone into a state of panic or discomfort. This can be due to past experiences or procedures carried out that were painful. Our office understands this and focuses on providing patients with a welcoming and calming environment, with friendly and helpful staff members to ease you through the entire process. We also offer anti-anxiety solutions such as nitrous oxide and sedation options.

“I Hate Being Lectured by My Dentist”

At our Red Deer Dental Clinic our concern is your well-being and oral health above all else. Our Dentist in Red Deer puts an emphasis on helping patients understand the importance of practicing good oral hygiene and how this can affect your overall health as a result. Our hygienists treat each patient with professionalism and gives them their undivided attention when it comes to questions or concerns they may have regarding dentistry.

“Visiting the Dentist is Costly”

When it comes to cost, the dentist can be quite pricey depending on the procedure and duration of treatment. This in turn is dependent on your personal oral hygiene routine and the importance you place on your oral health. If you brush and floss your teeth twice a day as well as visit your Red Deer Dental Clinic every six months, you minimize the likelihood of requiring additional dental care, such as treatment for gum disease or a root canal. We provide you with high quality dental services and great customer service to ensure you maximize on your dental benefits as well as find the best financing options.

Finding the right Dentist in Red Deer can be tough, that’s why we put precedence on providing our patients with the very best dental care. If you have any questions, please call our dental team at Saby Dental Clinic and we will be happy to answer them for you!

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