Dental Implants in Red Deer—How a Healthy Mouth Contributes to Their Success

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dental implants

For many people, dental implants are still a bit of a mystery. How do they work? Are they guaranteed to be a success?

It is our goal to not only serve patients needing dental implants in Red Deer but to make sure they are educated about all of their dental options.

Part of that education is informing them of what it takes to ensure the success of their implants.

Why a Healthy Mouth Is Needed for the Success of Dental Implants in Red Deer

Implants can contribute to a beautiful smile, but there are many things to take into consideration before proceeding. First and foremost, a healthy mouth is a must. Without it, the likelihood of success drops dramatically. Here’s why:


Unhealthy gums have been linked to heart disease and can wreak havoc on a person’s dental health. When gums—called gingival—are inflamed or infected because of a lack of proper hygiene or various other factors, it does a number on the mouth as a whole.

Gingivitis, an inflammation of gum tissue, can be reversed. But gingivitis can progress into full-on gum disease, which is not reversible. This progressive disease can lead to loss of gum tissue, teeth, and bones. The same bacteria that affect teeth, can affect dental implants, a disease often called “peri-implantitis.”

Thankfully gum disease can be treated fairly effectively with the help of a hygienist and general dentist in Red Deer.


A patient’s bone level is another factor in whether dental implants will be successful or not. For a dental implant to be successful, there must be adequate bone to allow placement of a proper-sized implant. If there is not enough bone, then the implant will not offer the proper support for the dental restoration

Thankfully, there are ways a dentist can work around certain bone-level issues. For instance, if the bone level is low because a tooth has been missing for a while, or if the sinuses are too large, the dentist can place a bone graft. This will make the implant process a little longer, but patients agree that it’s worth it if it helps lead to successful tooth replacement.

Your Bite

The way your teeth come together and the harmony of your bite is an often overlooked part of dental implant therapy. The biting forces placed on implant restorations mustn’t be excessive. To ensure this, your dentist will need to closely evaluate the way all your teeth come together not only straight up and down, but in all the side movements as well.

The most important thing in the implant process, though, is finding the right dentist for you. You want a dentist who will explain the process in a detailed, step-by-step manner.

At Saby Dental, our patient’s well-being is our priority. We want them to know what their options are for a healthy smile, but we also want them to know why certain procedures like dental implants may or may not be the best choice for them.
If you would like more information about dental implants in Red Deer or on how to get a healthy and beautiful smile, please don’t hesitate to contact us for an appointment.

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