Cracked Tooth: Symptoms, Treatments, and Recovery

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Cracked teeth will not always be visible, which can make it difficult for you to diagnose them accurately. Some of the most common causes of this condition include chewing hard food, bruxism, facial injury, or it can be part of the natural aging process. In some cases, patients will ignore this since the symptoms may fade. However, this is not an accurate indication that the problem has also disappeared. Having a cracked tooth in Red Deer can be disturbing and irritating, especially when you are consuming hot and cold food or beverages.

Here at Saby, our dental staff is well-equipped and knowledgeable. We use various techniques and tools that help us diagnose any type of cracked tooth. We can provide you with different solutions for your dental problems at a cost you can afford.

Symptoms of a Cracked Tooth According to Your Dentist in Red Deer

Your cracked tooth will not produce a lot of symptoms. In fact, some people will have fractured teeth without being aware of the issue. Note, there are types of cracks that are considered harmless and will not require any treatment. However, once you notice the symptoms below, it is possible that you may have a more serious type of crack.

• Discomfort in your gums and teeth that is quite difficult to determine the source.
• Pain and uneasiness that will appear and go.
• Your teeth have unexpectedly become sensitive to warm or cold foods.
• Your teeth are also experiencing sensitivity when eating sweets or foods with high sugar content.
• Swollen gums around the affected area
• Pain that becomes severe when you are eating or when you apply pressure on your teeth.

Possible Causes of Fractured Teeth

There are different reasons why your tooth can crack. Here are some of them:

• You have a large dental filling that can weaken the structure of your remaining teeth.
• Head trauma or excessive pressure on your face.
• Grinding of your teeth or bruxism.
• Age-related.
• Biting or chewing hard food.

Diagnosis of Cracked Tooth

As aforementioned, a cracked tooth will be challenging to diagnose. When a crack in your tooth is not visible, your dentist in Red Deer will check and analyze your dental history. We will also ask you about some symptoms that you are experiencing. Once this is done, your dentist can continue examining your teeth using a specialized tool that provides a better perspective on your oral system. We also have a dental explorer that makes it easier for us to catch any crack and rough edges on the surface of your teeth. Additionally, we can use dental dye to increase the visibility of the cracks.

A cracked tooth in Red Deer can also be examined by checking signs of inflammation in your gums. Our dentists are well-aware that a fractured tooth can lead to gum irritation. To help your dentist determine the location of the damaged tooth, we may ask you to bite something. Also, we may take an X-ray of your oral system. While this may not always help determine the location of the fractured tooth, this can still help in discovering issues in the pulp of your tooth.

Treatment for a Cracked Tooth

Our dentist can offer you a range of treatments that are designed to fix the crack in your tooth. Usually, the recommended treatment will depend upon the size of the fracture and the time that it has been discovered.

Root Canal:

Most patients are petrified once they hear this treatment option. However, you should never be scared since your dentist is fully capable of conducting this procedure. In factuality, root canal treatment is not more painful than a dental filling and can actually relieve pain. A root canal in Red Deer increases the probability that your cracked tooth can be saved, avoiding the need for extraction.

Dental Bonding:

During this procedure, we will be applying a plastic resin that aims to fill the fissure in the cracked tooth. This can restore your teeth’s function and appearance.

Dental Crown:

This is an appliance that is made from ceramic or porcelain. It will be introduced on the damaged or cracked tooth. To ensure that it will fit, we will simply trim down the enamel to create a space for the crown. We will then take an impression and/or digital scan of your tooth and choose a colour that perfectly matches your natural teeth. The entire process can take two appointments that can be couple of weeks apart.

Tooth Extraction:

Another possible treatment for your fractured or cracked tooth would be a tooth extraction in Red Deer. Once the tooth has been removed, and the area has recovered, various dental procedures like dental implants or dentures can cover your space from the missing tooth.

Recovery time for the fractured tooth will largely depend upon the chosen dental treatment. For some procedures, your dentist may apply anesthetics. Thanks to our advanced technology, your cracked tooth in Red Deer will be fixed in no time.

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