Can You Use Regular Toothpaste on Dentures?

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can you use regular toothpaste on dentures

Dentures are your second set of teeth. Proper maintenance is important for keeping them and your mouth healthy. These prosthetic teeth will fit better and last longer if you keep them in prime shape. The following tips may answer any questions you have concerning dentures.

  • Be careful while manipulating dentures. While handling your fake teeth, stand over a towel or water vase. This way, if you accidentally drop them, there won’t be any serious consequences.
  • Brushing: Yes! Regular toothpaste: No! You must brush your dentures daily to get rid of food remains and bacteria just like natural teeth. But, even toothpaste can be abrasive for dentures. Likewise, a conventional toothbrush wears them down. Plaque can build up from microscopic abrasions created by your toothbrush. To clean your false teeth effectively, brush them with a device that is comprised of smooth bristles specifically designed for this use. Softly clean every side of the denture and rinse after.
  • Soap for dentures. After obtaining your dentures in Red Deer, they can be cleaned with a specific denture cleaner. Furthermore, you can also clean your prosthetics with hand soap or dishwashing liquid. Avoid brassy substances such as bleach. Also, there are ultrasonic cleaners for denture hygiene. These are small devices with a cleaning solution where your fake teeth are submerged. The sound waves create a steam motion washing away residual food and other sediments. Nevertheless, this should not replace daily brushing.
  • The right care outside your mouth. When not being worn, false teeth need to be kept moist. This stops them from becoming too dry or losing their shape. If the denture is outside your mouth, it should be submerged within a glass of denture cleanser soaking solution or water. Hot water and other substances may damage your denture. Your Red Deer dentist can provide the top tips you need for optimal care of your particular denture.
  • Change or repair when needed. Any important denture adjustments required can be done during follow-up appointments. They’re more likely to need certain changes after some time has passed. A dental professional at a dental office in Red Deer should be trained at this. Do not attempt to do it yourself. Usually, common repair kits and over-the-counter glues are easy to find. But, fixing it yourself can contribute to structural decay and permanent damage. If a denture does not fit right, it irritates the neighbouring structures, and cracked or loose dentures can bring on discomfort. Be sure to contact an oral healthcare provider for the best restoration.
  • Replace your dentures over time. Due to standard wear and natural age-related facial changes, your false teeth will need to be repaired or replaced. Prosthodontists will renew the denture base or order a new one. Replacement is generally necessary every 5 to 7 years.
  • Receive oral care as usual. You might be missing some teeth or every tooth, but brushing your gums, tongue, and palate before putting your false teeth on, is necessary. This stimulates circulation in the oral cavity, which is great for avoiding plaque and preserving you oral health. Rinse your mouth daily and eat a balanced diet to avoid any dental risks.
  • Visit your dentist! A dentist near you will make appropriate reservations. Schedule regular visits every six months. These visits are necessary to assess the fit of the dentures and for disease evaluation. It is also important to schedule regular dental cleanings and checkups for the integrity of your remaining teeth.

When you take care of your dentures their quality will shine through. Contact an oral care professional if you are experiencing any discomfort from your dentures. Discomfort is a result of ill-fitting dentures.

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