A New Year, A New Smile: Your 2017 Smile Improvement in Red Deer

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The New Year is right around the corner. This time of year has us thinking about what we’ve been able to achieve this year, and what we hope to achieve in the next. How about you? Are you starting to write out your New Year’s resolutions? Many people wait until January 1st to think about what they want their New Year to look like, but a lot of successful people are encouraging others to start thinking about this important topic right now. We couldn’t agree more, particularly when it comes to improving your smile..

2017 is going to be a great year for a changing your smile. Why? There are so many ways that comprehensive dentistry in Red Deer and around the world has improved over the past few years, and it will only continue to do so. We are so excited about some of the most popular smile enhancing trends of 2017. These are just a few that can help you achieve your best smile ever.
2017 Smile Enhancing Trends: Veneers, Bonding, Implants & More

When it comes to achieving a true smile transformation, the following three treatment options are some of the finest available.

1. Veneers

Dental veneers are thin shells of porcelain that are applied to the front surface of a tooth. They are bonded on with special cement that makes them one of the longer-lasting ways to improve your smile. We start the procedure off by taking an impression of the teeth so we can make a temporary veneer toward the end of the appointment. Then, we remove some of the top layer of enamel so that the veneer can fit on the tooth without any added bulk.

Once the tooth has been prepared for a veneer, we take another impression. This one will be sent to a dental lab for a custom fabrication in porcelain. We then may temporary veneers for our patient to wear until the lab is finished with the custom veneers. The temporaries are the prototype of your new smile.

We love veneers. The porcelain is absolutely beautiful – we’d be hard pressed to find someone who could tell that the veneers weren’t natural teeth. Another reason we love them is because we can do so much with them. Chipped or broken teeth can be fixed with veneers. Intrinsic staining can be masked by them and misshapen or crooked teeth can appear straight.

2. Bonding

Bonding for a smile transformation is fairly non-invasive – most of our patients don’t even need to be numb for this type of procedure. However, if we’re replacing fillings, removing decay, or our patient experiences sensitivity, then we will definitely use some anesthesia. Our goal is to make this appointment as comfortable as possible.

A composite bonding procedure is fairly straightforward. We prepare the tooth for the bonding by removing some of the enamel. If we’re working on teeth that have had fillings, we remove the filling, check for decay, and then proceed. The teeth are conditioned and primed for the composite material. Then, we place an adhesive, followed by the composite material.

The composite is like soft putty, allowing us to shape and de-bulk until everyone involved is satisfied with the look. To make the material hard, we cure it with an ultraviolet curing light. Once that is done, the bonding will look a little rough and dull, so we spend some time shaping and polishing.

In most cases, our patients can’t tell the difference between their real tooth and the bonding material. We love that! Like veneers, composite bonding can be used to somewhat reshape the front teeth, repair chips, and hide stains.

3. Implants

A missing tooth can make people self-conscious and insecure. That’s why we highly recommend dental implants. As long as a patient is a candidate for the procedure, this is a great option for replacing missing teeth. A metal implant is surgically placed into the jaw bone. After it has healed, we can add a porcelain crown to it that oftentimes looks and feels like a real tooth. Besides giving our patients some of their confidence back, what we love about implants is that they help keep the other teeth healthy. Without a tooth or implant, the bone will recede, which can lead to bone loss around the adjacent teeth. This can eventually lead to more teeth being lost; or, at the very least, aesthetic issues. Thankfully, implants stabilize the bone level and keep it strong.

How Comprehensive Dentistry in Red Deer Can Contribute To a Lovely Smile

In addition to the above smile enhancing trends, there is something else that is just as important to achieving the best smile possible: comprehensive dentistry. Patients can expect the following forms of comprehensive dental treatment:

• Regular dental cleanings.

• Annual oral examinations, including an oral cancer screening.

• Diagnostic x-rays as prescribed.

• Occlusion or bite evaluations.

All of these contribute to the overall health of our patient’s dentition. And, a healthy mouth is a beautiful mouth.

A New Smile: One More Thing to Help Make 2017 the Best Year Ever

There are many things we can all do to make 2017 one of the best years ever. We can work toward achieving our New Year’s resolutions, making sure we’re finally able to cross some goals off of our list. And, we can do some things that will enhance our life, like a smile transformation. Red Deer patients want to enjoy a beautiful smile, and we can help them achieve that goal. With the latest materials and technology, comprehensive dentistry is better than ever. Let us help you enhance your smile in 2017 with some of these dentistry trends.

Are you interested in seeing how the dental trends of 2017 can enhance your smile? We invite you to contact us today for more information or to schedule a consultation. We look forward to helping you create a beautiful smile in 2017.

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