Want to improve the appearance of your smile? We can help.

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Many people are unsatisfied with their smile. For those who fall into this category smiling is often not an act of joy – it’s something they avoid. While not smiling may effectively hide embarrassing appearance issues, it can rob you of more than you might be aware.

Smiling has a lot to do with how we feel – and how others feel about us. Smiling – even on purpose – can help us feel better. Smiling can enhance our mood and our “like-ability”. When we initially meet someone, their smile is one of the of the first things we notice, and it helps us make an indelible first impression.

Does your smile project the real you?

There are numerous reasons why people don’t like their smile.

In many cases the teeth we were born with simply don’t meet our idea of ideal. Crooked, misshapen, or congenitally deformed teeth may leave you with a smile that you would like to change.

You may have had aesthetic dental restorations placed in the past, that looked good at the time, but are now looking old and tired. There may be dark lines at the gum line, the porcelain may chipping, or you may want to change the shape and shade to a more natural appearance. As technology changes, dental treatment is improving and you may be able to improve your smile with new restorations.

Over time, your smile can begin to show signs of age and may even make you look older than you are or feel. While our teeth are incredibly strong,

  • daily wear and tear
  • eating or drinking things that stain
  • some medications
  • acid erosion
  • gum disease
  • subconscious habits such as teeth grinding or jaw clenching
  • injuries

can cause teeth to become

  • broken
  • chipped
  • worn
  • stained or mis-coloured
  • missing

All of which can alter or affect the appearance of a smile.

We can help you achieve your smile goals

Known in many places as “cosmetic dentistry”, dental treatments can help improve the appearance of your smile. In many cases, these very same treatments can also address dental or oral health issues. Here are a just a few examples:

  • Veneers can cover discolouration or chips in teeth, as well change their shape
  • Bonding is used to cover flaws in teeth and repair chips and cracks
  • Teeth whitening can help you recover that youthful sparkle
  • Selective tooth reshaping is used to change the shape, length or surface of a tooth. It can help to resolve appearance issues as well as bite alignment problems.
  • A dental crown can cover up imperfections and discolourations and help preserve a tooth
  • Dental implants or dental bridges can replace missing teeth to resolve cosmetic issues when front teeth are missing. This can also correct functional problems associated with missing teeth
  • Orthodontics can straighten crooked teeth to correct alignment issues as well as improve aesthetics

Want a good reason to smile?

Whether you want a smile like you used to have, or a new smile that you have never had, it is possible today…and we would love to help you.

Your smile is the first thing people notice about you. If you would like to learn more about cosmetic dental treatment options, please schedule a consultation.

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