Treatment Options for Missing All Your Teeth

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treatment options for missing all your teeth

4 treatment options for people who are missing all their teeth

Today, missing all your teeth does not have to mean wearing dentures. While dentures may be one solution, over time fit and function issues can arise due to bone changes under the gumline.

If you are missing all your teeth, you have choices when it comes to treatment options.

Below are four treatment options to consider. (In order from $=least expensive to $$$$=most expensive.)

Custom Crafted Esthetic Dentures – $

  • Custom crafted dentures focus on looks and function. What’s the advantage?
  • We take care to ensure that we have a very cast of your existing gums to help reduce sore spots
  • We work with you to select and set the teeth to your esthetic demands
  • We fine tune the bite (occlusal equilibration of the denture) to increase function and reduce sore spots
  • We custom stain the gums to make them look real


Implant Supported Overdentures – $$

Utilizing dental implants, we can place “snaps” in your denture to increase stability and function.

Using as few as two implants, we can help stabilize your dentures and help reduce or eliminate denture movement. The implants also help prevent future bone loss.


Fixed Dentures On Dental Implants – $$$

Utilizing multiple dental implants, it is now possible to replace missing teeth with teeth that are fixed in your mouth. Using enough implants to support the entire denture, fixed implant dentures do not rest on the gums. The biting forces are directed through to the jawbone, much like natural teeth.

Since there is no pressure on the gums, traditional denture sores are a thing of the past. Since the dentures are supported by the bone, they do not move. This improves comfort and function dramatically. Since these do not come out, they are “your teeth”, not “your dentures”.

Often, as few as 4 dental implants are sufficient to support the fixed teeth. You may even hear of them referred to as “All on 4”.


Fixed Porcelain Teeth On Dental Implants – $$$$

The finest implant supported dentures that Saby Dental has to offer is the fixed porcelain teeth on dental implants. Here, we utilize multiple dental implants to create beautiful custom crafted porcelain teeth on either a gold, titanium or milled zirconium framework.

This is some of the most complex and technical dentistry that Dr. Saby can provide for his patients. The end result is a set of teeth that looks like natural teeth. This is as close to your natural teeth as dentistry can get at the present time. Often, we combine the fixed porcelain teeth on the upper arch with a fixed denture on the lower.


What’s the best option for you?

Before you make a solid decision on what type of tooth replacement option is best for you, schedule an appointment with the dentist. An exam to evaluate the condition of your oral health and dental treatment to address any dental issues before you invest in any of the above mentioned treatment options will help to ensure you make the best choice.

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