Missing Some Teeth?

missing some teeth

Missing Some Teeth?

Missing teeth are perhaps a more serious issue than you may think.

If you are missing one or more teeth, especially if they are in less noticeable places like the back of your mouth, you may not consider them an issue.

However, as your Red Deer dentist we disagree.

Like it or not, having missing teeth is a disability.

What’s the problem with missing teeth?

The more missing teeth you have the more difficult and uncomfortable it is to chew your food.  As well as the loss of function caused by the reduced chewing surfaces, there are other problems that occur:

  1. In the esthetic zone, missing teeth are unattractive
  2. Missing teeth reduce the integrity of the arch.  Other teeth can drift and move.  This can cause problems with the alignment of the upper and lower teeth, uneven bite planes can cause muscle and joint pain
  3. Missing teeth create more wear on the remaining teeth

What should you do if you have missing teeth?

If you are missing teeth, the best thing you can do to protect your oral health is to visit the dentist. That’s because the road to the best treatment option begins with a dental exam. Considerations such as the health of the surrounding teeth and gums will determine which tooth replacement treatment option will be the most effective and healthy for your individual circumstances.

Want to replace those teeth?

The silver lining to this story is there are several treatment options to replace missing teeth.

Want to know more? Stay tuned for our next article…

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